How to Choose the Right Catering Service for Your Event

Our goal at Eatable Delights Catering is to offer you the most convenient and thorough service we can provide. Considering the vast variety of opinions and suggestions based on this subject, we have decided to offer up what we feel are the most significant attributes a catering service can and should provide while giving you some well sought out advice on what you, as a customer, should consider and research. If you live in Colorado and you are looking for a catering company to cover your event, you may want to check out this lunch catering denver company as they may be able to aid you with your catering needs.

We understand fully how stressful planning an event can be; whether it is a large scale event or a simple cocktail party. From our experience we have created an outline of what we believe are the utmost crucial steps to putting together a successful event. And if you still aren’t sure what type of party or event you want to hold then check out this Peerspace page.

  • First things first, it is essential for you to be aware of your budget. It does not have to be exact, but giving yourself an idea of what the maximum amount you can spend is extremely supportive in assisting you in your decision making process. Having a clear head count will lessen the burden of creating a budget. If your budget is unlimited then your main focus should be on finding the most superior service available!
  • Once you’ve searched for a local catering company and formulated a list it is crucial to keep your eyes and ears open to any and all reliable recommendations. Keeping it old school and trusting the recommendations heard through word of mouth, preferably through family, friends and coworkers is your best bet. You could even attend trade shows and wedding events to help find the perfect caterer. Lots of catering companies use tradeshows to help boost their sales and get their brand known by giving out products such as these custom water bottles from Attending a trade show means you can talk face to face with the employees and staff and get a feel for the company.
  • Coupled with recommendations are references. Once you have the recommendations needed to create a place for catering services on your list of choices, you then want to gather the references needed to either place said service at the top or bottom of your catering possibilities. When speaking to these catering companies you should request names and referrals from their most current venues and customers. When speaking with potential catering services they should be more than happy to provide you with references.
  • Once the referrals you receive narrow down your list of options, you then want to begin the tedious yet fun task of mapping out your specific needs, musts, and must nots and, we add this to our list because so many catering services offer a specific specialty, while others claim to do it all. In some cases we suggest you question those who bloat about offering it all; sometimes that statement can prove to be untrue and tend to sound a tad desperate. Companies with significant experience and positive reviews along with the capabilities to provide several different services besides impeccable food are the ones to consider trusting. We suggest you ask around about said potentially exaggerated abilities. Remember Caveat Emptor [let the buyer be ware]. A good catering service willingly hands over proof of such a significant statement.
  • Asking a catering service whether their ingredients are fresh or not is absolutely a right that many customers tend to overlook during the overwhelming event planning process. But because so many catering services are known to decrease the amount they spend and increase the amount the consumer spends by using frozen produce and charging as if it is fresh, it is always smart to be aware of being taken advantage of and lied to. Fresh will always be the most favorable and worth the money!
  • To put your mind at ease about whether the food you will be purchasing is in fact fresh, you may request a tasting. Most reputable catering services will be more than willing to do so. Just keep in mind that preparing food for just a few is far different compared to the preparation for a 100+ guests.
  • Creating a balanced menu with several different palates is key to winning over the majority of your guests. Everyone has their own taste in food and some even have a strict diet they must stick to. You want to choose a catering service that understands that venturous and bold are always intriguing yet too foreign is too much. The menus should consist of dishes that are a mixture of familiar and modern. Adding gluten free and vegan options is always a smart choice, especially with a large scale event. Keeping in mind the possibility of any kind of food allergy, such as peanut allergies or lactose intolerance, shows that you are concerned for the safety of all your guests!
  • Food can sometimes be at least 50% of the cost of your entire event making it the major decision for you. Taking that into consideration, a quotation/estimate should really be one of your first priorities. You want to pay for quality more so than quantity. Consider that fresh food costs more than frozen so keep that in mind if a catering service is willing to drop the price considerably. That can be a sign that the quality of the food will drop quite as well.
  • Once you’ve finally gotten to the contract stage there are a few key aspects to keep in the forefront for your safety and peace of mind. Make sure the contract is thorough yet easy to understand. Leave absolutely zero room for any kind of loopholes! A cancellation/refund policy should be clearly outlined! But most importantly, be sure that you fully understand the contract your catering service of choice has drawn up before signing!

Bottom line, do not ever be afraid to ask questions and if a catering service you interview does not make you feel as if you can ask anything and everything then move on to the next on the list. If you are ever unsure of whether the catering service you are considering is legitimate you can also make a quick phone call to your local Health Department and check the Better Business Bureau . Every catering service is inspected consistently and most records are open to the public. This is your event that will be a part of your history, so of course you want it to be a moment to remember with a smile! Finding a catering service dedicated to relieving the stress from your event planning process and in the end creating a beautiful memory for you and your loved ones is your end goal.

Eatible Delights Catering service has the experience, dedication, variety, and devotion to our customer’s satisfaction to assist in creating the most desirable event one can expect. Our 18 years of experience has given us the most sincere and positive reputation within the Philadelphia area. Our website,, offers commentary and praise from several of our most reputable and admired clients. We have catered an array of events ranging from upscale large events to personal and intimate family gatherings. Our first media broadcasted event was the ’96 World All Star Game that began a brand known throughout Philadelphia and the entire Delaware Valley area. Our company has worked with well-known public figures such as Aretha Franklin, Miss Philadelphia, Mayor Nutter and have been featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer, The Philadelphia Business Journal, The Philadelphia Tribune, Exceed magazine, Jet magazine Black Enterprise (online) as well as the African American Chamber of Commerce. Our services have assisted in creating infamous events including The Mayor Nutter Administration on Election Day, and The Global Fusion Festival on four separate occasions (providing proof of customer satisfaction with their willingness to return to us for our catering services).

Eatible Delights Catering is a full service company centered on convenience and customer satisfaction. Our services include a full, highly trained wait staff, china, glassware, and flatware, table/furniture and linen rentals of all sizes, shapes, colors and quality, and fully stocked bar options, and professional event designers. We offer referrals to event sites and locations, event planners, photographers, florists, videographers, bands/DJ’s, and more. The menus offered are prepared with only the freshest, quality ingredients and we focus just as much on the presentation as we do the preparation of our food. Lastly, most of our prices are discussed during our free consultation and are mainly based upon the number of guest attending along with your menu choices for the event.

We hope the information we have provided has been insightful and beneficial to you for your upcoming event. Our goal is to meet all of your needs. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us and talk to our staff or to David Simms directly.

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