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Your Caterer on the Day of Your Wedding

When planning any wedding there are several aspects that are considered musts, from getting the right wedding photographers VA Beach to booking the perfect venue but the most important being the caterer. Since the previous article highlighted how to find the best caterer for your wedding (or other event); this article will now bring you through a wedding day in the life of Eatable Delights Catering. We will discuss the ins and outs of the day of a wedding and how Eatable Delights Catering can and will make this monumental day seamlessly stress free for the bride, the groom, their families and guests. You have so much to do in the run-up to the wedding, like finding the perfect dress, you can find a large collection if you click here. So this is definitely your day to relax!

The Week Before:

Obviously, in order to make the actual day of a wedding perfect there must be some kind of planning done ahead of time. This is true whether you’re choosing to elope in Gatlinburg Tennessee or go for a more-traditional wedding – either way, you’ll want your profession of love to one another to be the perfect occasion. I asked Chef David Simms what key components he is more inclined to make a priority within the week before the day of a wedding. He put tremendous emphasis on constant communication mainly between the caterer and the wedding planner. In some cases the bride and groom do not have a wedding planner so then the communication would be between David, the bride and groom. The communication should never be the other way around according to David! The bride should always have the peace of mind of not having unanswered questions the week before her wedding. Considering that at this point the relationship and rapport is established between wedding planner, caterer, the bride and groom then there should not be too much left to orchestrate. However, if the wedding is buffet or family style then who will be calling the tables up and how they will be called up is a matter that can be dealt with during the week before. Communication certainly comes into play here because the majority of the time the DJ is responsible for calling up tables in the proper order.

Simms also points out a few other priorities for the week before a wedding. Colors, patterns, and any other décor must be established and accurate. The last key point that Simms addressed was staff. Making sure that enough staff is put in place is crucial. His catering company, Eatable Delights Catering, not only offers his full service staff but also pays out of pocket for any last minute extra staff that may be required. This demonstrates David’s commitment to excellence and servicing his clients’ above and beyond the typical event scenario.

The Day Of:

Finally, the day has arrived and everyone’s hard work is about to pay off, but first everything that has been planned must now be set into motion; that statement can be much easier said than done. Eatable Delights Catering prides themselves on amazing service and, most importantly, amazing food! Making sure the food is transported to the venue at the proper temperatures is critical in preserving the freshness and integrity of the fresh, high quality ingredients they use. Chef David Simms stressed the need to always have extras; extra hot plates, sternos, table cloths, water pitchers, extra plates, bowls, glasses, silverware, and of course extra food! He also put emphasis on keeping up on the ice delivery which provides ice for certain foods, beverages, water pitchers, and the bar. The bar has increased significance because most events coordinated by Eatable Delights Catering choose to have the bar service provided by them as well.

When I asked Chef David Simms how they deal with last minute special menu requests that may develop on the big day he said,

“We never tell a bride no! There is never a request too tall and we will always rise to the occasion.”

Now of course there are always people that can come up with some relentlessly impossible requests, but in general and within reason most requests can be met. One must keep in mind that the menus at a wedding are most generally discussed and created months in advance, so the ingredients that will be on site have already been pre-selected. There will always be more than one type of protein or meat to choose from so requests for a different kind of meat are always an option. If someone has a last minute vegetarian request and as long as they are okay with the vegetables that are on site then those requests are possible as well. Now when it comes to gluten free requests it is much more difficult to be met by any caterer last minute and that is one reason why so much emphasis is put on making the menu significantly early on in the planning process. David makes sure that the menu gets the proper attention during their planning consultations once a bride has selected Eatible Delights Catering.

This is just a summarized version of what Eatable Delights Catering will do on the day of a wedding. One week after any event hosted by Eatable Delights Catering the clients will receive a five question survey to fill out and send back to the company. This survey helps the Eatable Delights Catering team make changes where improvement is needed and know what services were most sought after. Eatable Delights Catering received a 4.9 out of 5 star rating at where you can visit to read some of the outstanding reviews written by Bride’s, Mothers of the Bride and guests for Eatible Delights Catering and their dedicated hard work!

If you have any questions about catering your wedding I absolutely recommend you contact David Simms at Eatible Delights Catering.

Interviewed by Anastasia Grace

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