Aissia Richardson – Testimonial

“I was not at the reception much. I did have some salmon, pasta salad and chicken salad. The pasta salad was delicious. The guests I spoke to really liked it. I enjoyed the salmon. It was cooked to perfection. Salmon can dry out but this was really good.

We had a lot of guests and the crew did a great job with portion control and with having enough for everyone. Last year we catered for 75 and 40 showed up. This year we catered for 75 and 100 showed up. The guests enjoyed the food because they kept coming back for more!

I really love working with Eatible Delights. David is professional, the staff manages well under stress and the food is divine. In a way, Eatible Delights is like an extension of our staff. I feel like hiring David relieves me of the stress of micromanaging this aspect of event planning. I know we pay for the food and servers, but it feels like we’re getting piece of mind when we work with Eatible Delights.”

Aissia Richardson

CBS 3 Studios

David Simms
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